The human condition is replete with intricacies

You do not have to suffer alone. There is help.


In Above the Veil, you will journey with me through love, unrequited love, pain, loss, hurt, despair, depression, and ultimately hope. This collection was written over a course of many years, yet the curious aspect is the consistency of the pain and disappointment that was sustained throughout various phases in life.

Mental health is a topic that is finally beginning to obtain the necessary attention that it has lacked throughout human history. More is now known. More individuals are seeking help. Commensurate to that are more individuals professionally equipped to aid those who are suffering.

About Henry White II

Henry White II, a native of Dallas, TX began writing in his teens. A graduate from the University of North Texas with BA in Journalism, White has been able to make extensive use of his education and life experience in crafting literature that speaks to the living condition. White has won awards for his poetry on the online community

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Julia S

Henry's writing takes you on a vivid visual journey as he weaves emotion, experience, and aspiration through imaginings that spark familiar and foreign feelings of grief, disorientation, and most of all hope. You can choose your own adventure. These poems are a true sensory experience that can help ground you in your own reality or else whisk you away on a thrilling escape.

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